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FP Server in place upgrade

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Is it possible to do an in place upgrade from FusionPro Server 10 to FusionPro Server 11 or FusionPro Server 12? We want to maintain all the templates that are currently on our server yet use the latest version of FusionPro.


The documentation that I found says to always uninstall the previous version and install the new version.

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It sounds like you have both FusionPro VDP (with a Server license), and the FusionPro Server Web Service API, installed separately. You should be able to upgrade the version of FusionPro VDP (i.e. uninstall FusionPro VDP [from Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features], and install a new version of FusionPro VDP) without changing the installation of the Web Service API. This won't affect the repository of templates you have uploaded. Check with Support for an upgraded Server license for FusionPro VDP.
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