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Pausing FP API

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When I run a large list using the Server version, the command window comes up - like usual. I was wondering if typing Ctrl-C to get the command window to prompt me and ask whether or not I want to continue "Y" or "N" ... is that technically "pausing that instance of Fusion Pro" from processing?


Asking this because we have one project that is so memory intensive with look-ups in external files and placing of graphics that only one instance of Fusion Pro can process at a time. Our server is at 32 GB of RAM but that apparently isn't enough. Eventually Fusion Pro runs out of memory and either simply crashes or it completes the job without embedding any of the graphics or fonts in the resulting pdf files.


The problem is that it takes 2 complete days (averaging 41 to 44 hours) of continual processing to finish the entire job. During that time NOTHING else is able to run no matter how small and insignificant the size it is.


We do split the job up into several smaller batches so there is a slight pause in between portions of this job but once a batch run begins we are technically down until it completes.


I was wondering if I could temporarily pause Fusion Pro using this method?


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When you hit Ctrl-C, I believe that interrupts the process, and that the Y or N is about the larger batch. At any rate, that doesn't do anything to release the memory or other resources used, so pausing isn't really going to help.


Splitting into batches may help with memory, either running completely separate jobs or outputting a job to multiple files (chunks).


But your best bet to deal with memory issues is to upgrade to FusionPro 11.2 or later, where the FusionPro.exe executable has been upgraded from a 32-bit application to a native 64-bit application, which opens up much more memory space to the process. That should help with the memory issues, and not only prevent running out of memory and crashing, but should help with the composition time as well. (Though there may be other ways to optimize the job as well; I'd obviously have to examine it to offer specific suggestions.)


As for whether other processes are able to run on the computer at the same time, that's probably a function of the total amount of RAM on the machine. It's hard to imagine one instance of FusionPro using up your 32 GB, especially since the 32-bit process is limited to 4 GB memory total. I would look at the Task Manager to see what other processes are using memory.


The bottom line is that it's hard to give a specific diagnosis as to what's going on without knowing a lot more about your machine's configuration, the job you're running, and other aspects of your workflow. But upgrading to the 64-bit version will probably help, so I would start there.

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