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FusionPro - How to Control the Buyer's Actions?


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Hi All -


I have a little bit of a unique situation here and I'm open to suggestions on how best to handle it. One of our sites is for a retailer that has stores across the United States and Canada. The item we sell the most, by far, is product tags. This is a FusionPro version product that is linked to an external data file. The buyer enters a SKU number, if it exists in the external data file, FusionPro builds the product tag, the buyer approves and adds to the shopping cart and all is good.


When I fist programmed the item, if the entered SKU number didn't exist in the external data file, I had FusionPro display an error page saying that the tag doesn't exist. But, the error page, which was all black with the word ERROR in big bold yellow type, didn't keep some buyers from approving and adding it to their shopping cart. To prevent this, I used the FusionPro.Composition.Abort function, which prevented the buyer from adding a tag that didn't match to a SKU number in the external data file. The FusionPro.Composition.Abort function prevented the proof preview from displaying in Marcom and it also prevented the tag from being approved and added to the shopping cart. Problem solved.


Now that Marcom isn't using Flash preview the FusionPro.Composition.Abort function no longer prevents from previewing or adding a non-existent tag to their shopping cart. Now, if a SKU doesn't exist in the external data file, there is an error message below the preview window in Marcom and the preview is a distorted blue/green thumbnail that comes from within the Marcom system (not sure what it is or where it comes from). I can change the programming so FusionPro returns my error page again in these circumstances, but my goal is to physically prevent the buyer from ordering a tag that doesn't exist. Any ideas on a way to do this?

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