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CreateResource with incomplete name

Der Frank

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hope someone can help me. I want to place a picture via CreateResource.

The input list for fusionpro contains the name e.g "ABC" of the picture.


The actual pdf I want to pick is named "ABC1112" (name + timestamp)

The timestamp may change from time to time, but this shouldn't matter. As long as the picture starts with "ABC" it's the correct one.


Is there any possibility to pick a picture only knowing a part of the PDF-name.


Thanks in advance



P.S. the FP-file will not be used within Marcom Central.

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If you're asking whether you can do a kind of wildcard-based search for a file on the system, like "ABC*", the answer is No, you can't, not from a rule. You would need to have a separate script or process find the matching file name and provide it to FusionPro as data. Such a workflow generally requires FusionPro Server for automation.
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