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Reload/Remove fonts


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In the previous versions you had to load fonts, Now that has been removed.

The problem is that it is seeing fonts that are not used in the document or even loaded on the machine It gives me thousands of lines like this before it generates the file:


Load Font: Font <ITC Avant Garde> has incorrect information, skipped

Load Font: Font <Book Oblique> has incorrect information, skipped


Any idea how to correct this?

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As my signature notes, these kinds of issues are hard to resolve in the context of this user forum, and Support is a better place to get help with them. Also, how font handling works, and what might go wrong with it, is very specific to the versions of FusionPro and your operating system, and also to the configuration of FusionPro and how you're composing (i.e. locally in Acrobat/Creator, or via Producer or Server or some other distributed system), so all that's important information to provide.


That said, my guess is that your system has an older version of cached font information lying around. You can still manually load fonts, which I think will fix the problem. How to do this is platform-specific. On Windows, you need to run the FusionPro Configuration program (C:\Program Files (x86)\PTI\FusionPro\configure.exe) and click "Load All." On Mac, you need to run the FusionPro application and select "Load Fonts" from the Server menu.


Note that this manual font loading should not be required, at least not in a Creator (composing locally in Acrobat) workflow. If you continue to have problems, please contact Support.

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