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Sizing Inline Graphic with Variable font

Paul Cos

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I am looking to insert an “inline graphic” in front of a variable text field that would resize with the height of the text.

Right now, I have a copyfitline rule that will resize the text based on the width of the box but the graphic doesn’t get smaller when the text does.

I tried a regular CopyFit but it doesn’t resize the graphic either. The graphic is as big as the largest font size.

Is there a way to measure the height of the text as it appears and apply it to the <graphic> tag?


This is what I have so far. A RULE called CustomBrandingArea with this tag return '<graphic file="CustomBrandingArea.jpg">'


I created a (field) called logo and place a logo as a Resources and called it logo2 and another RULE called TEST_RULE with this tag if (Field("logo2") != "") return '<magnify type=textwidth factor=100><z newsize=12.06>'+ Field("City") +Rule("CustomBrandingArea") + '</magnify>' ; else return ""

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A picture of what you're trying to accomplish would be worth a thousand words, and the collected job with the data would be better, so I have to do some guessing based on the limited information provided. But you should be able to use a variation of the CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag function.


Something like this should work, though I haven't tested it:

var factor = 100;
function CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag(line, widthInPoints, AllowToExpand)
   var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
   if (tm.messages)
     ReportError("CopyfitMagnifyLine: " + tm.messages);

   if (tm.textWidth < widthInPoints*100 && !AllowToExpand)
     return line;

   factor = Round(widthInPoints / tm.textWidth * 10000, 0) - 1;
   return "<magnify type=pointsize factor=" + factor + ">" +
           line + "</magnify>";

var frameWidth = 3 * 7200; // for rule validation, 3 inches
var frame = FusionPro.Composition.CurrentFlow.GetFrame();
if (frame.GetSettableTextWidth)
   frameWidth = frame.GetSettableTextWidth();

// Put your font and initial size here:
var font = "Arial";
var pointSize = 12;
var text = '<graphic file="CustomBrandingArea.jpg" height=' + (pointSize * 100) +
               '><f name="' + font + '"><z newsize=' + pointSize + '>' + TaggedDataField("City");

var result = CopyfitLineWithMagnifyTag(text, frameWidth, true);
return ReplaceSubstring(result, 'height=' + (pointSize * 100),
               'height=' + (pointSize * factor));

Edited by Dan Korn
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