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FP11 cmd-copy and cmd-paste on mac


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Just updated to FusionPro® VDP Creator 11.0.9 and noticing that on my mac version 10.16 that when I do the usual cmd-C and cmd-V it does not work anymore.



Is there any way to get this working again with the shortcut keys? Being able to quickly copy and paste text is very efficient, especially in the RULES editor.


Instead, I see I can highlight the text, right click and select copy and then right click and select paste, which is annoying and slow.

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Yes, thank you as well! What were they thinking?

Not to get too deep into the inner workings, but I can assure you that this wasn't intentional, nor an oversight. This is one of those things where we are limited as to what we can do as a plug-in to a third-party application (Acrobat), as the application has the ultimate control. We spent more time than I care to admit trying to debug and track down low-level messages in Cocoa and macOS to see where the keypress message was being lost along the way of the routing from the application to the edit control, to no avail. Acrobat seems to be stubborn about absorbing those particular keypress events. We've asked Adobe about it as well, but troubleshooting issues like this in custom modal dialogs in third-party plug-ins doesn't seem to be high on their priority list.


So we do strive to be consistent with UI standards on both Windows and Mac, and I apologize that we haven't been able to do that in this case.

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Howdy all, 

Mac user who used to use Windows all the time: I ran into the same issue - I ended up using control instead of command and it worked in the program. Hope it works for you too!


Use CTRL+C, CTRL+V for copy/pasting on a Mac.

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