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Images with Masks for transparency


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Our clients believe that sending us a .tif file with a mask applied to it makes it a transparent image. "It works for other vendors ... why not you?" is the usual response I get when I ask for a "corrected image". We've even lost a few clients because of this limitation.


FusionPro does not seem to recognize a masked image as transparent. I need to individually read in each and every image file that comes to us into Photoshop, convert the mask layer into a path feature, delete the pixels that were masked out, remove the mask layer altogether and then crop the resulting image down in order for FusionPro to now see the .tif file as a transparent image. I know there are other file formats that I could use such as a .png but that only works in the RGB color space not cmyk. So far this has not been a daunting task. However our newest client has given me 2,000+ images that I will need to do that to.


Is there any one that experience in FusionPro being able to read a masked area of a graphic as a transparent image? Am I missing some setting or not having a high enough version of FusionPro to be able to do this?


Thank you.


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This is not a long term solution, but you should be able to setup a batch process with an action in Photoshop.


You would need to batch open each image, use the layer as a selection mask, crop, then save as a PDF. The PDF wont show the checkerboard background but it should retain the transparency in FusionPro.

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Below is one image that is just placed by itself on top of a plain colored field. The folder labeled "bottles" contains a sample of the images provided. The folder labeled as "output" shows the pdf file resulting from this setup.


The actual job calls for these bottle images to be placed on top of a postcard background and they are variable depending on the certain buying habits and tastes of their customers.



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