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FPRepeatableComponent and textwrap


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I have made my first template using the FPRepeatableComponent.

And it works mostly as I would like.


My challenge is that I need the elements to flow along side an irregular shape.

So I have created blank fields with textwrap.

But some places the spacing between the elements are not uniform.

See record 10 in my template between the numbers 25, 26 and 27.

You can download the template from the link below.

Record 1-4 and record 7-10 are the ones where the repeatable component is used in a textframe with textwrap.




Does anybody have a good idea how to get a uniform spacing?


Download template

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Yeah, non-rectangular wrap/runaround is tricky. It gets into a "more art than science" area. Obviously you've already been playing with manually tweaking the empty frames that you're running around. I'm not sure you can get much better with this approach.


One idea that comes to mind is using separate text frames for the little tags. You can then lay those out manually, exactly where you want, and programmatically populate them. Or you could write your own code to move the frames, though that requires composing via Producer or Server (unless you do some tricks with table cells, though that's less straightforward than just setting the x and y positions on frames).

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