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I have a school directory with student names and contact information. I have attached a sample of what I want and my failed attempt to make it work. My biggest problem is how do I make the next name move down on the current page.


If someone can take a look and let me know if it is possible I would appreciate it.



CreP Directory test.zip

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how do I make the next name move down on the current page.

What you're really asking is, "How do I make the next record move down on the page?"


The simplest answer is: Imposition. You're going from a "1-up" job to a "multi-up" job, that is, you have multiple output records on a sheet.


I've attached an example of what I think will work for your template.


The steps I took to create this were:

  1. Insert a new Body page (from the menu in Acrobat, FusionPro -> Manage Pages -> Insert page), duplicating the Template page.
  2. Delete the other pages from the PDF (with the Pages panel in Acrobat).
  3. Add a skinny text frame filled with black for the horizontal line between records.
  4. Open FP Imposer, Load the template PDF to get the page size, set the Sheet size, vertical repeat, and spacing.
  5. Save the file in FP Imposer and set it as the Imposition Definition file in the template's Composition Settings.


I also deleted the Repeatable Component rule, as this is no longer needed.


You may need to tweak things to get exactly the spacing desired in the output.

Variable Data Template-impo.zip

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