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Exporting in 2500 record chunks

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Good morning. I have a question?


I have a file that contains 145,000 plus records that I want to export in 2500 chunks. It is running 2up 2on on a 12x18 sheet of paper. I have checked the box output to multiple files and put 2500 in the box that says number of records per file. Different number of records in the first file is checked with 100.


When I export the file I get an error: The number of records requested in a chunk is not compatible with the impo settings.


When I check my impo. Under the layout tab I have stack selected, count 1, infinite stack is checked, spacing is at 0. I have changed the count number to 2500, but that doesn't work. I don't know what else to.


I am really confused about how this works. Can anybody help. Thanks

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