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Too new 2 know, Imposition question??


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Hello people.

I just got a new FP 6.0 from the boss today and she wants a 5000 run 4/4 postcard mailer VDP'ed 4 up duplex into stacked presort order with bar-code and special code by end of next week. (No pressure right??)


I took the tutorials & jammed some learn'n in today and can now create the layout, variable fields & merge to the point of "veiw as PDF".

My merge feature did "choke" a couple of times at first but I reset the records to a different group of only 5 sets and it seemed to settle down. I am hoping this won't be a problem when I get to the "real" 5000ct merge.


Alex was a tremendous help getting me up and running today and gave me loads of tips off the start that I might even remember. I give great thanks.


My Concern...


I looked around the forum but didn't see this Question.

IF BY CHANCE I were provided a list that has an odd amount of addresses, I am curious of how FP will handle the "blanks" on the last pages and how this may affect my "stacking order".


I have light experience in mailing so I know my "presort" must be accurate.



Central Cal Printer

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Yea so I figured it out.

Just wanna let all you folks know for the record.

Blank space is no problem the "odd" records look like they'll be easy to place.

By the way, once you start gett'in it figured out...

FusionPro is look'in pretty sweet.;)

Have a nice day.



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I also would imagine it would depend on how many up on a sheet and the final quantity.


4-up on a sheet, we do batches of 1200 for 300 sheets.

9-up on a sheet, we do batches of 2250 for 250 sheets.


Last batch will have blanks added to them but it's only one batch.;)

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