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colorize grayscale picture

Der Frank

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Dear All,


I've got a request from a client for a template to be used in Marcom.

I am working with the FP creator 10.1.11.


The client wants to choose from two or three (grayscale) pictures and up to 10 colors . The result should be a colorized grayscale picture


The grayscale pictures may change after a couple of weeks.


I want to avoid creating all 20 or 30 picture varieties in advance


The Question:

Is there any possibility to colorize grayscale pictures in Fusion pro.


Colorize doesn't mean to lay a transparent color on top of a grayscale picture, but exchange the black by e.g purple. White stays white and dark gray changes to Deep Purple.


Many thanks for your answers in advance



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Does this work in reverse? If you have variable images that are either in cmyk or rgb format can I then force the output to be grayscale?


Don't have 11 (yet), but is this a conditionally-driven command that can be assigned individually such as: for condition "A" use a color image from my resource list, but for condition "B" use the exact same image from resources as was used for condition A but make it grayscale?


Does this only work for PDF images, or will it work for tif, jpg and other formats as well? At least being able to force color into grayscale?


Thank you.

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