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Dynamic Flow Chart


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Hello, i use fusion pro as a plugin to EFI MDSF. I wanted to know is there a way to create dynamic info-graphic so users can enter values in a given field and it will adjust the graphics accordingly?



Many thanks in advance.


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Can you define more specifically what values will be entered and exactly how the graphics will be adjusted accordingly?


Do you mean that the user will enter X and Y values that denote the position where the graphic should appear on the page? If so, then you should be able to name the frame, call FindGraphicFrame() with that name, and set the x and y properties of the returned object (in hundredths of points) based on those data fields. (Note that this won't work when composing or previewing locally in Acrobat, as moving frames like this requires a Server license, but it will work when composing via DSF, since that utilizes FP Server.)


Or do you mean that the values are like data for a chart? Or do you mean something else entirely?


This seems to be a case where posting an example of the data and a mock-up of the corresponding desired output would be worth a thousand words. If you have a FusionPro template you've already started, collecting and posting that would be even better.

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