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line spacing with inline graphics


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I am creating basically a 'table-style' list using inline graphic images for the dotted lines that go below each "row". I notice that as more 'rows' are added to the list, the spacing between each row starts to grow a little tiny bit. You have to zoom in a bit to see it on the example.pdf (like 2400%). I am concerned as some of the lists I will need can be quite lengthy, that the amount of "growth" in the line spacing will become noticable. Is there any way to keep the line spacing exactly the same on every new 'row'?

I have the leading defined in my "content" rule, but still, there space between each line is slighlty different.




Attached PDF example and collected files.

line spacing.zip

line spacing example.pdf

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I do see the very tiny bit of "creeping" or "growth" or "crawl" you're talking about when I zoom way in on your PDF, probably due to a slight rounding issue. However, if you really do have a "quite lengthy" list, I would expect that any minuscule creeping seen on that single page would be reset once you flow to the next page, as the typesetter would basically start over with the content in the new frame on the overflow page. So, I do understand your concern, but, quite frankly, I'm having trouble envisioning a scenario where any end user would even notice this at all. At the very least, it seems prudent to make a "very lengthy" list and see whether it's an actual problem or not, before trying to solve it.
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