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Use first row of certain data cells when next row is empty


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I would like a rule that repeats the first row of data of all columns in an Excel file except for one column called "name" which will have multiple rows of data.



Basically, the agenda items, times and dates are repeated for each person's name.



Please see Windows FusionPro Version 10.1.11 Template attached and excel file




I would appreciate any help.

Welcome__Itinerary_Brochure_v2_bleeds (002) - TESTING 1.zip

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I'm assuming you want an entirely separate output record (i.e. different pages) for each person.


So, do you want the exact same agenda for each person? If Yes, then I would put the agenda and the name list in different data files, and use the name list file as the main input data file for job, and read the agenda as an external data file.


If you want each person to have their own agenda, I would do something similar to my solution here:


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