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group numbering script?


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I need to write a script that will return a "group number" for 15 records, then add 1 to the number and return for another 15 records, etc, etc? The specified number is NOT in our data file, so it can't pull from there.



ID______ GROUP____

RW10000 1001

RW10001 1001

RW10002 1001

RW10003 1001

RW10004 1001

RW10005 1001

RW10006 1001

RW10007 1001

RW10008 1001

RW10009 1001

RW10010 1001

RW10011 1001

RW10012 1001

RW10013 1001

RW10014 1001

RW10015 1002

RW10016 1002

RW10017 1002

RW10018 1002

RW10019 1002

RW10020 1002

RW10021 1002

RW10022 1002

RW10023 1002

RW10024 1002

RW10025 1002

RW10026 1002

RW10027 1002

RW10028 1002

RW10029 1002

RW10030 1002

I was going to try to add the group number in the data file, but I can't find a way to do that for 12,000 records that isn't extremely tedious and takes forever.

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