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Variable within a Variable?


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I have a request to do the following. Is there a way to accomplish this?


• The user will fill in a name … then choose a title from a drop down list … then ‘text copy’ will automatically appear based on the chosen title.


• Then, the user will need to edit the selected copy so that they can indicate such things as the name of their school, number of years etc. etc. which are also variable fields?



Is there a way?

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This will be in MarcomCentral using the Admin tool.

Okay, thanks. But I'm still not exactly sure what you're asking.


If you're asking how to have all of this occur in the MarcomCentral web application, so that the user can edit the 'text copy' right on the web page, before the FusionPro composition is invoked, then that's obviously a question specific to MarcomCentral, which should be asked in the MarcomCentral forum.


If you're asking how to set each title-specific "text copy" with other embedded variables, in other words, that the selection of the "chosen title" in the data activates a particular bit of text which in turn has other variables, then yes, that's pretty easy to do. Just make each "text copy" a Formatted Text Resource, and you can put whatever other variables you want into there in the Text Editor. Then you just need a rule that returns a different Formatted Text Resource based on the "chosen title" field value. A Switch Wizard rule would work very well for this; a good example is the Story rule in the Frodo Travel tutorial.

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