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Composing one job, outputting to different templates based on value in record

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Hello All,


I'm wondering if it's possible to compose a single job, outputting to different templates based on values in the data record.


Output size would be the same for all templates, and text boxes would be all mirror fields in the data file.


We currently split our data file into multiple, composing each template individually, and I'm apt to think there'd be a way to do it all at once.


Any insight would be appreciated.


Thank you!



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Yes, this is possible, with FusionPro Server. But not with Creator (Desktop).


The older way (with Server) is to used tagged markup data, and specify the format attribute of the record tag, to point to a specific DIF (template/format/layout) file to use for the record. This is described in the FusionPro Tags Reference Guide.


The newer way (also with Server) is to utilize our patented ganged imposition system, which allows multiple jobs to be mail-sorted and merged, then imposed, to get postal discounts for mailing multiple pieces. You can contact Sales for more information about that.


With Creator, your options are much more limited. You can join all the pages from your various templates together into one "uber template", then call FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage in OnRecordStart to activate the appropriate pages for each record. While this will work, it will not be optimal, and will be a lot slower and less maintainable than using FP Server, which was designed for this kind of thing.

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