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Coming from DirectSmile, there is a feature that I miss, the ability to add an overlay strictly to the personalization. For instance, a personalization goes from a light area of an image into a dark area, such as the side of a building where a part of it is in daylight and a part is in the shadow of the overhang.


In DirectSmile, I could apply an image to use as a shadow overlay to darken the personalization as it crosses into the darker area of the background image. This method would not darken the existing background image like the image overlay feature does in Expression, it would strictly darken the personalization alone.


Just a wish for the future. :)

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Yes, but what I am wishing for is to apply overlays to Fill Images and Image Characters that follow the shading of the background image without affecting the background.

So like a partial transparency for image characters?


Can you post an example of the output you're trying to achieve?

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Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that with Masking Text personalization, this is possible. But when it is an Image Character personalization like this example, I do not see how it can be accomplished. And that is the feature request I am suggesting for consideration in the future.

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