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Jpeg Compressed Tif Issue


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There seems to be an issue when Tif files saved out of Photoshop have Jpeg compression turned on. FusionPro (both 10 and 11) will render a PDF but the images are flipped upside down. Fortunately the Indigo rip throws an error on these and fails to rip which prevents them from being printed.


I'm wondering if this is a known issue. I can send samples privately if support wants to take a look.

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Yes, please send the files to Support. It's basically impossible to diagnose a problem like this in the abstract.


That said, I do know that certain graphic formats, such as JPEG, and some flavors of TIFF that wrap JPEG, have multiple ways to express that an image should be rotated, such as EXIF rotation, and that various apps disagree about how to interpret these rotation commands.


In other words, whether the image is "upside down" or not depends on who is asking. (Kind of like how there's no up and down in space; it's all relative.) FusionPro can decide whether to honor EXIF rotation or not, but it will always treat the image differently than another app that decides the other way, and it's very hard to say with any authority which way is "right."


More explanation, if you want:



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I tried emailing support 3 times and I keep getting rejected due to some seriously aggressive spam blocking. I removed all links and even sent a non-html version and its still rejected.

If you send an email to Support telling them you have large files to send them, they can provide you with an FTP upload link, or work with you to post the files on the cloud.

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