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As FusionPro has evolved...has any work been done to change any of the QR code characteristics/attributes to add personalization to the presentation of the QR code itself--such as adding a small logo to the center of the code, or the appearance of the code? If not, is there an external resource available that anyone is aware of that can be incorporated into FusionPro--through code or otherwise (see attached) to achieve something like this?


The only other option that I can think of is to incorporate a third party service such as:




... to mass produce the tens of thousands of the codes I need and then link them into my VDP job as variable graphic elements.


I'd prefer a self-contained solution is possible....



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Jimmy, that is a clever idea, that might actually be enough to satisfy this particular client. They really want to to have more customizability (see attached) so I will keep looking for options in the mean time, but I will present this idea to them and see what they say....


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