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overflow/duplexing question


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We have a job (a letter) that will have a list in it containing up to 55 fields. I created an overflow page for records that will use enough of the 55 fields to need a second page (no records will require 3 pages). They want the 2 page letters to duplex.


The problem is that the records that don't overflow to a second page will need a blank page after them so when the job is duplexed, the following record's letter doesn't print on the back of it. There are less than 200 records in the job, so I could manually insert blanks where needed in the output file if we don't impose it, but I was wondering if there is a way to do this in FusionPro when the job is composed? Any help is appreciated.

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You don't need to use an Overflow page at all. Just flow the text directly from a frame on one Body page to a frame on another Body page, and if the text doesn't need the second frame, that second Body page will still be output, but without any text in that second frame.
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