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Some Roboto Fonts not available

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EDIT: Please DO NOT post proprietary fonts to this public forum. Doing so almost certainly violates the font license. Please contact Support for all font-related questions and problems. -- Dan Korn (moderator)


Hello All,


Until recently, we've used Macs for everything Fusion Pro related. We decided to put one of our licenses on a PC, but we've been unable to get some fonts from the Roboto family to work.


The full Roboto family of fonts is installed on the machine. I can see them in the Windows font folder, but they're not available in Fusion Pro. I've tried reloading the fonts, and deleting all in the directory and starting over to no avail.


Fonts are in the attached zip file, and I've also attached a snip of the window showing fonts are missing.


is this something you've run into in the past, and are there any thoughts on how to get things to work? Please let me know if I can clarify anything.




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As noted in my edit, and in my signature, font questions should go to Support.


That said, some basic information that would be useful to Support, or to anyone else trying to diagnose an issue, includes the versions of FusionPro and your operating system.


Also, your fonts.err file may have some information about the fonts in question and why they may not have been loaded by FusionPro. The location of this file is platform-dependent, but is generally in your Common Files folder on Windows, and in your Preferences folder on Mac. (It's right next to the fonts.ini file, whose location is specified in the Advanced Settings dialog, which can be accessed from the FusionPro -> Advanced menu in Acrobat.)

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