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Type1 fonts and non-breaking spaces


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I recently upgraded from Window 7 using FusionPro 10.0.26 to Windows 10.


Two issues appeared:


1. While I can install Type1 fonts on Windows 10, they do not appear as available in the FusionPro drop-down in the Variable Text Editor.


2. See attached: I converted Helevetica Condensed Type1 font using 'TransType4' to a TrueType version. In FusionPro I created a rule to replace spaces with non-breaking spaces (< >). The tagged texted is not recognized while using Helvetica Condensed but does work properly while using Arial.

non-breaking space.zip

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Issue 2 resolved: In the Advanced Tab uncheck box 'Limit Processing to Latin-1 text'. This will allow the < > tag to be recognized.


Issue 1: Still need answer on why Type1 fonts are not showing in the font drop-down list in the Variable Text Editor.

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Regarding non-breaking spaces, you could probably do what I suggested here:



Regarding Type 1 PostScript fonts, I am able to install a few of them that we have here on Windows 10, and have them appear in the Variable Text Editor in FusionPro 10.1.


You are doing a Load Fonts in FusionPro after installing the new fonts on your system, right? That's required, for any fonts. (Though this requirement may go away in a future version of FusionPro.)


Also, Type 1 support is basically deprecated on newer versions of both Windows and macOS. (I don't think you can install Type 1 fonts on Mac at all anymore.) Therefore, I would recommend switching over to True Type or Open Type fonts. Another consequence of this deprecation by Microsoft and Apple is that some Type 1 fonts may work better than others. And frankly, your question isn't really "why Type1 fonts are not showing [up]", it's why your font isn't showing up. And that's impossible to answer without the font. So, you can always send the font in question to Support for analysis. But please don't post fonts to this forum.

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