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Different tray / drawer pulls on the Xerox Nuvera?

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Howdy all -

I have an ongoing large variable job that needs a slip-sheet to separate the 14 pages per record. It can either be a separate slip-sheet, or a sheet that pulls from a different tray.

I have already tried to vary the page color commands - described here:


describes usage similar to a different thread:


<</MediaColor (white) >> setpagedevice

The slipsheet option within fp doesn't work.

I have also done what alex previous suggested - to pull the post script command after printing to file. And I was successful in getting a single record to work. However on the nuvera it looks as though you can only set the job ticket options - it does not respect anything for individual pages. It looks like I could programmatically create every exception page - though I was hoping that someone else had a manageable way. Having 1000s of exception pages I doubt would actually work.



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I have already inserted a page between the 14 page sets, however there were too many issues with being able to quickly seperate them.


They would like it to be able to pull from a different tray (a different color sheet of paper) or to offset every set. :/

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I've got a method working on a Nuvera 144 and 100 DP.


My solution may or may not work for you. We use this to print our monthly accounting statements. Certain sheets print on a pre-perforated paper.


The statements are preprocessed into sequentially numbered pdf files and the ones that require the different paper stock are identified by a file name suffix.


The input pdf files are of variable length. Anywhere from 1 sheet to a few dozen. A data file is created with the list of pdf files.


The multi-page pdf's are inserted into a frame on a template page, it generates as many pages as needed for the length of the pdf. Which template page is used is determined by the filename.


There are 4 pages in the template:


1 Regular

2 Regular overflow (used for the additional pages).

3 Perfed

4 Perfed overflow


Assigned to each of the 4 pages is a Command File. You assign these using the Advanced/Page Media menu.


For the regular sheets the command I use is (in a text file):


<</MediaWeight 75 /MediaColor (white) /MediaType (plain) >> setpagedevice



For the perforated sheets:


<</MediaWeight 75 /MediaColor (blue) /MediaType (plain) >> setpagedevice


We just call it blue, and load the perfed stock in that tray.


Output to a postscript file. We did notice that using the web uploader built into the nuvera broke these files. So that may be your only problem. You can download the file directly to the machine from the command line using the lpr command.




lpr -S -P HOLD filename.ps being the ip address of your nuvera and HOLD being a print queue on that machine.


You can also burn it to CD and load it directly onto the nuvera from that. File names get truncated so make the names short.


The nuveras can be set up with different levels of security. It may refuse the lpr connection from your machine if it can't resolve your name from ip. You may need to edit the hosts file and add your workstation's name and ip to it. The CD method will work no matter what, but it is the most inconvenient.

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