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Larger paper 8 page Saddle


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Hello all, I have searched the forum for this issue, but all I can find is smaller paper. We are running a 29" x 19.5" sheet. We need a 8 page saddle from imposer. I cannot get different pages on the same side of sheet. Does anyone have a workaround or solution? Thank you very much in advance!! See attached PDF for example.


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Sorry to necro this thread, but there is no answer posted and we are having the same issue. We are using the most current version of FPI Imposer.

What we need is exactly the 'Perfect Bound Booklet' layout, but with the ability to change the head margin. The ability to change the spine margin would be a bonus.

Or am I missing a completely obvious solution that already exists for creating a standard 8-page signature with head trim?


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