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Hiding phone/email/cell/fax labels if they are graphics

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I found this thread that seems to be really close to what I want to do:




The problem is that the way he solved this problem wasn't posted. The attached image shows what I am trying to achieve.


I have 4 different variable fields, each with graphic labels and each with the possibility of not being used so I would need the label to go away if it's field isn't used.


It doesn't seem complicated though that previous thread has a lot of different ways to approach it. Help?


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It doesn't seem complicated though that previous thread has a lot of different ways to approach it. Help?

That's because there are a lot of different ways that the data can be presented, and a lot of different requirements for how exactly you want everything to be typeset in different scenarios. In other words, it's hard to give a specific answer to a general question. Some things that would make the question easier to answer are:

  1. Post what you have so far. Some data and the graphics would be good. A collected template would be better.
  2. Specifics about how to want the output to appear under different data scenarios. For instance, if the fax number is empty, should the mobile number move into its position, or stay on its own line? And if there's no "main" number, do fax and mobile go on the same line or separate lines?
  3. Any other specific requirements.

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Sorry, I don't really have anything yet but can answer some of that...


1. N/A

2. If there is no phone or fax, mobile should move up. I cannot imagine there would ever be a fax but no phone. If there is no fax but phone and mobile they stay on their own lines.

3. Really the challenge is getting the labels to go away.



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