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I am trying to export a file that contains about 59000 files. I am trying to export them in 2500 page chunks for faster ripping. It is 8.5X11 2up 2sided 4/4. everytime i export i get a message "The number of records requested in a chunk is not compatible with the impo setting. The number of records in a chunk has been adjusted." Then it just outputs the entire file. Can somebody help me with this problem. I don't understand why it is doing this.
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If your "chunk" setting (the number of records in an output file) is different than your "stack" setting (the number of records in an imposed stack), then the stack setting wins. That's what that message is saying. To fix it you can either do what Fellsway suggested, and adjust the "chunk" setting to match the stack setting, or you can add this line to the OnJobStart rule:

FusionPro.Composition.chunksBreakStacks = true;

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"In FusionPro Imposer set the Stack count to 2500. Then In FusionPro Composition Settings set the Number of records per file to 5,000."


Thanks for the response. I am back at trying to break my file up into chunks of 2500. I am having no luck. When you say FusionPro Imposer, that is my actual impostion, right? Am I putting 2500 into the box right above infinite stack? I am not sure where this number goes. I have tried it everywhere, I think, but no luck. The 5000 number is going in the number of records per file box under Output to multiple records, correct?

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