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Are there any plans to revamp the chart features?


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A big part of our VDP offering is the ability to produce financial statements with custom pie/bar/column charts, but our customers have started to ask for more customization options, like adding borders around pie slices, adding percentages within/outside them, removing X-Y axis lines, or other customization options that FP can't currently do. It really breaks my heart every time I have to tell a customer that we can't do something because our software can't do it.




The charting feature is in a dire need of an overhaul, and it's long overdue, too. Is there any time frame for this, if at all? We've been loyal customers for many years (since version 3), but I'd hate to look at other solutions if our customers keep going somewhere else...

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I second (and third and fourth) that motion. I have been inquiring about a charting upgrade since Marcom (then Printable, then PTI) took over the software from DataLogics (DL-Queue). That's the only drawback from our company going solely to FusionPro for everything. Harvard Graphics back in the late 80's early 90's seemed to be as robust as what is currently being offered.


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Thanks for the feedback. We are making plans for the coming year and a new version of FusionPro now. New chart functionality is something that's been on our wish list for a while too, along with new features and a UI for tables.


We do also offer paid Consulting services, if you are interested in doing something that's outside the scope of the standard product offering. We have been able to do some tricks to make highly customized charts this way in the past. That said, we do plan on making some of these long-requested improvements to the product itself in the medium range future.

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