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External composition errors

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I have a rule called 'A Travis Help' that is working when we validate and preview the PDF in Fusion. However, upon composing, our rule errors.


The error say: A Travis Help, line 7: Error: In ExternalDataFileEx.SortBy(), no field named letter[@track]


When we look in the external file we have a column called letter[@track].


Has anyone experienced this before?


Here is the rule:

var result = "";


var letter_track = Field('letter[@track]'); // create a variable on the letter[@track]'s value. This is pulled from the primary data source



member = new ExternalDataFileEx('ExternalDataMainFlyOnly.xlsx', 'Excel', 'SP2307');

var row = member.SortBy('letter[@track]').FindRecords(letter_track); // This is finding the row that matches on the letter[@track] field's value. Should only pull back one row. TM too lazy to change var name to row. #MariNotSorry



//barcade Vars - these were taken from the barcode script Meg helped TM produce


var Var3 = ""; // There is no Var 1 orVar2 because it was not need for our purpose

var Var4 = "";

var v_tracking = "5";

var v_font = "IDAutomation4State";

var fontTag = false;


result += '<p><tracking newsize="' + v_tracking + '">' + MakeIntelligentMailBarcode(member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'IMb Payload'), RoutingNum, Var3, fontTag, v_font, Var4) + "</tracking></p>";


result += '<p><f name="Arial"/><z newsize="9"/>'+member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Opt. Endorsement Line')+'</p>';


result += '<p>'+member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Manifest Keyline')+'</p>';

result += '<p><t><t><t><t><t>'+member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'seq')+', '+member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Sortcode')+'</p>';


result += '<p>';

result += member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Letter/Member/FirstName')+' '+member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Letter/Member/LastName')+'<br>';

result += member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Letter/Member/Address1')+'<br>';


if (member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Letter/Member/Address2') != '') {

result += member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'Letter/Member/Address2')+'<br>';



result += member.GetFieldValue(row[0], 'CSZ');

result += '</p>';


return result;


**Unfortunately this rule is part of a template that contains protected PHI information so I cannot share my data or template.

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Do you want a sample with the data and template attached, or just a screen shot of what is not working?

I need a sample with a template and data, to debug. A picture is usually worth a thousand words, but I need to be able to reproduce the issue, not just see a picture of it.

I cannot send the template or data, but could possibly get a screen shot that would not include any sensitive data.

Please create some "dummy" data, with a template containing just the parts needed to reproduce the issue, as a minimal example, and post that.

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