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Baseline shifting depending on number of lines


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I have a text box where that is aligned to the bottom (lower box with address in the attached image), it is supposed to be aligned to the blue guide (see attached file correct.jpg).

I have a rule that changes whether the 2 phone numbers display on one line or two based on user input; when the phone numbers display on 2 lines the baseline shifts up (see attached file incorrect).



I can't figure out why this is happening, has anyone seen this before?







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Collected files attached. It is the field CellFax (the rule DispayCellFax displays it); when set to "Y" it displays the cell and and fax on the same line and the baseline looks right, if set to "N" it displays them on two lines and the baseline shifts.



Thanks for looking at it,


Jake Merrick

Fusion Pro.zip

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