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Keep with Next Paragraph


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You can always find out what tags are generated for text typed into the Variable Text Editor by creating a Formatted Text Resource, entering or pasting the text there, and then clicking the View Source button.


In this case, if you go through that exercise, you will see that the "Keep with Next Paragraph" check box is implemented as the attribute keepnext="1" in the <p> tag.


If you want to apply "keep with next" to an existing paragraph, you can insert this tag anywhere in the paragraph:

<p br=false keepnext=1>

You can put this in a rule to insert into the Text Editor if you want, like so:

return '<p br=false keepnext=1>';

You can also set the attribute value to something else other than 1 if you want to keep multiple lines of the next paragraph together, as documented in the "Paragraph Tag" section of the FusionPro Tags Reference.

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