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Barcode128 rule produces random wrong codes?


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I have a strange problem. A job without an inputfile. When I am make a rule for creating barcodes with a sequential number + a fixed number (401) together the endresult sometimes creates a Barcode without the control digit and the end of barcode character.

Therefore some Barcodes are suddenly smaller then the ones created the right way.


The rule I use is:


return Make128BBarcode(Rule("Nummering Barcodes Rule")+ "401")


and the Nummering Barcode ruls is the xml based sequential numbering rule with a starting number 30060001 with 8 characters selected.


When I change the selected font in the text-areabox from IDAutomationC128L to Helvetica Neue I can read the following created codes:


Ì30060000401ÈÎ (first record)

Ì30060001401 (second, wrong)

Ì30060002401.Î (right)





" " " etc

Then again at the 23th record:

Ì30060023401 (wrong)


What am I doing wrong here?

Any help would be appreciated.

I currently use FusionPro 10.1.8 on a Mac with 10.12.6


Greetings from the Netherlands

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Hi Dan;

I collected the pdf etc as zipfile.

I also noticed the error message which is also included.

As You should see in the final output; some Barcodes are randomly smaller then others (not the ones without the extra 3 digits at the end)

Hope You can find the problem here.

Greetings from the Netherlands

LAB West - 18 labels Test.zip

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BarCodeBloks-test.cfg file:


Job started 07:59:34 - 1538719174.

Creator: FusionPro® VDP Creator 10.1.8

Computer Name:

Current working folder: /Applications/PTI/FusionPro

Temporary files folder: /var/folders/sl/j0mzn4wn705chv47_vpbvxjm0000gp/T/

Template File: /Users/test/Desktop/TestfilesBarcode128problem/LAB West - 18 labels Test.dif

Input File: None

Job Config File: /Users/test/Desktop/TestfilesBarcode128problem/BarCodeBloks-test.cfg

Composing record #1, input record 1

Composing record #2, input record 2

Incomplete entity definition Î

Malformed Entity &Î in record 2

Incomplete entity definition Î

Malformed Entity &Î in record 2

Composing record #3, input record 3

Composing record #4, input record 4

Composing record #5, input record 5

Composing record #6, input record 6

Composing record #7, input record 7

Composing record #8, input record 8

Composing record #9, input record 9

Composing record #10, input record 10

Composing record #11, input record 11

Composing record #12, input record 12

Composing record #13, input record 13

Composing record #14, input record 14

Composing record #15, input record 15

Composing record #16, input record 16

Composing record #17, input record 17

Composing record #18, input record 18

Composing record #19, input record 19

Composing record #20, input record 20

Incomplete entity definition Î

Malformed Entity &Î in record 20

Composing record #21, input record 21

Composing record #22, input record 22

Composing record #23, input record 23

Composing record #24, input record 24

Composing record #25, input record 25

Job ended 07:59:35 - 1538719175.

Total Job Time: 1s

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You need to UN-check the "Treat returned strings as tagged text" box in all of your rules.


These messages in the log are a big hint as to what the problem is:

Incomplete entity definition Î

Malformed Entity &Î in record 2

Incomplete entity definition Î

Malformed Entity &Î in record 2

The problem is that, the encoded data for the barcode sometimes legitimately includes an ampersand (&). But if you tell FusionPro to treat that data as tagged markup, then it handles the ampersand as a special character denoting the start of an entity, such as  . But you don't want that special handling of tagged markup; you want to literally put down an ampersand, in the barcode font.


Once you un-check that box in all of your rules, you'll get the correct output, with the barcode font. If you change the barcode font to a regular text font, you will see the ampersands in the output.


The alternative to un-checking the box would be to call the TaggedTextFromRaw function on the encoded data, something like this:

return TaggedTextFromRaw(Make128BBarcode(Rule("Nummering Barcodes Rule")+ "401"));

Then you could leave that box checked, because you would be returning tagged markup. However, there's no need to do that, when all you need to do instead is just uncheck the box.


The only reason you might want to call TaggedTextFromRaw and leave the box checked would be if you were also including the tagging to call out the barcode font in the rule, like so:

return '<f name="IDAutomationC128L">' + TaggedTextFromRaw(Make128BBarcode(Rule("Nummering Barcodes Rule")+ "401"));

Then you wouldn't need to use the barcode font in the Text Editor.


But for what you have now, the easy fix is just to un-check that box in every rule.

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Hi Dan;


Thanks for Your support with this problem.


I should have seen this checkbox myself; it must have been there in my first rule by mistake and then I copied it for the other rules. A good lesson for me: check ALL places where anything can be filled in... I totally overlooked this one.

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