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Hard return and new paragraphs


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In the Web DataCollect I selected the field type to be "multi line." If the customer has more than one paragraph how can the break inbetween be shown.


Also how can they add a hard return if the want to break a sentence to the next line in the same paragragh.


Hard returns and double returns to distinguish that it's a new paragraph are both not working.

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FusionPro's Web DataCollect (HTML Form Definition) only provides a description of how an input form should ask for data, generally an HTML form generated by a third-party web application. Exactly what form and controls are generated, and how they work, is up to the third-party web app, not FusionPro. So specifically what web app are you asking about? Exactly what form are you filling out that's "not working?"
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Thanks for getting back so quickly. When you say Web App, do you mean the Storefront?

When you say Storefront, do you mean EFI Digital StoreFront? If so, then that's what I mean too. And that also means that you should direct your question to someone from EFI, since it's their application (DSF) which is creating the multi-line text input box on a web form in their web app.

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