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Inline Image from external file path


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I think your code is probably correct. But the files you posted don't include the same XDF file "RETAIL Price Lists - 2018-08-21.txt" that your OnJobStart rule tries to load. You do include a file named "Test File Hekman Casegoods - RETAIL Price List - 2018-08-21.txt", but nothing in there matches the "Collection1" field values from the main data file. And even if it did, you didn't include any of the actual graphics that would be referenced in the XDF. So, even if I use the XDF you actually included, I don't get anything in the graphic frame.


So, please post the entire set of files necessary for someone else to be able to reproduce seeing a graphic in the graphic frame. Until you do that, it's impossible for anyone to help figure out how to do that as an inline graphic.

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My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.



I attached collected files, simpllified to have only images.



I do not know how to get the inline image from external path. I need to pull from external paths, versus "Resources" as there are thousands of images.



I notice when I compose this file, I get error:

Unknown attribute <//res.cloudinary.com/hmcgallery/image/upload/t_image2000/697036.jpgheight> of tag <graphic> ignored.

Graphic is not found or is not processed properly: http:.



Where perhaps indicates an issue with special characters in the image path.



Can you please help me with how to properly write the rule to pull inline image from external path.



Your expert help is much appreciated. I would be very lost without this wonderful forum.


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