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Embarrassing 2-page PDF help?

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Rudimentary FP user ( Ver. 9.3.36) here..

I have a mail list, couple thousand people, each one get one of 7 versions of a postcard ( Auto Loan, Checking, Credit Card, etc)


John Doe has a field "OB-AUTO" ( he gets Auto postcard)

Jane Doe has a field "OB-CC" ( she gets Credit Card postcard)


I've done numerous mailings switching out the "front only" of a flyer ( different bank branch info & picture) - all have common backers.


But THIS job, the postcard front & back are specific to each version.


My graphic "switch" rule only allows me to pick a certain resource, & as a result, always puts in page 1 (front) of the selected PDF ( Auto, Credit Card, etc)


I'm trying to figure out how to get the front & back placed correctly, per each name requirements, so I can impose it afterwards in FPImposer.


I -hope- I've explained this adequately?

And I'm sorry for those of you that are surely chuckling at something likely so basic that you can do it with your eyes closed.


I know -nothing- of Javascript, & I'm thinking that's the probable path to my solution.


Happy "Thursday-leading-into-Labor Day-weekend" !! Enjoy!



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It's hard to make specific suggestions without seeing the template and the data. Can you collect up the template you have so far and post it?


That said, by kind of guessing/imagining how your template works and how your data is formatted, I think all you need is a second rule for the back page, which switches on the same data field, but returns the graphics specific to the back.


Or you can create a second set of pages for the back, and come up with a scheme to name both the front and back pages for each version. For example, if you set your pages to have names like "OB-AUTO-front", "OB-AUTO-back", "OB-CC-front", "OB-CC-back", etc., and set them all to be Unused, then you can just do this in OnRecordStart:

FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("type") + "-front", true);
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Field("type") + "-back", true);

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