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Array stop and start


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I have an array of values, but I need to be able to "stop" the array when a value is "nothing" and then continue to start a new array with the next series of values.



Example: [value1,value2,value3,value4,value5,value6,value7,value8,value9]

if value1,value2 have a value then Array1 = [value1,value2]



if value3 == "", then the array stops.



And start a new array picking up where we left off

Array2 = [value4]



if value5 == "", then the array stops.



and pick up where we left off

Array3 = [value6,value7,value8,value9]



Is this possible?

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Sure, something like this:

var arr = [1,2,3,,5,6,,8,9];

var result = [[]];
for (var i in arr)
   var el = arr[i];
   if (el)
return result.join('\n');

Where the result is an array of arrays.


By the way, this kind of purely generic JavaScript question (with nothing specific to FusionPro) can be asked almost anywhere on the web, such as Stack Overflow:



Or just type your question into Google. (Though in this particular case, my Google-fu wasn't good enough to get a result.)

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