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Table date formatting help


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I'm trying to generate a table for particular calendar months and ran into an issue. Since we are only allowing for 5 weeks, some dates need to be combined on the 5th row (see circled dates on p2 of the template for an example). I believe there would only be 3 different occurrences, 23/30, 24/31 or 23/30 and 24/31.


I'm sure there is a way to do this but I'm stumped. I've uploaded the collected files.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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You're using some table attributes that aren't supported in FusionPro. I think it's easier to use the table API instead. With that in mind, I came up with this function, which I would put into the JavaScript Globals:

function MakeCalendar(Month, Year) // (month 1 for January, 2 for February, etc.; year four digits)
   var JSMonth = (Month-1)%12; // zero-based
   var theDate = new Date(Year, JSMonth, 1);

   var MonthName = FormatDate(theDate, "lm yyyy") ;

   // Initialize to the first Sunday of the week containing the first day of this month.
   theDate.setDate(theDate.getDate() - theDate.getDay());

   var table = new FPTable;
   for (var day = 1; day <= 7; day++)

   var row;
       if (table.Rows.length < 5)
           row = table.AddRow();

       for (var day = 0; day < 7; day++)
           if (theDate.getMonth() == JSMonth)
               var existingContent = row.Cells[day].Content;
               if (!existingContent)
                   row.Cells[day].PointSize = 60;
                   row.Cells[day].Content = theDate.getDate();
                   row.Cells[day].PointSize = 30;
                   row.Cells[day].Content = '<p br=false superratio=100 superoffset=50 subratio=100 suboffset=0>' +
                       '<superscript>' + existingContent + '</superscript>/<subscript>' + theDate.getDate() + '</subscript>';

           theDate.setDate(theDate.getDate() + 1);
   while (theDate.getMonth() != (JSMonth+1)%12)

   var title = "<p br=false quad=C><z newsize=58>" + MonthName + "<br><br>\n";
   return title + table.MakeTags();;

Then each rule can be just this (varying the month in each):

return MakeCalendar(12, 2018);

It's basically the same logic you had, just converted to use the table API, and with two extra things: one, don't add more than five rows, and two, if the cell already has a number in it, combine that with the number for the day we're adding. I used a bit of markup with superscript and subscript to get something close to the effect you're after; you can tweak this as needed.

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