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Change Server temporary path


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In FP Server? Sure, just add a "TempFolder" entry in the CFG file, pointing to the folder you want, such as:

TempFolder=D:\your folder name

This can be done with a setting in the Producer API as well.


Or you can change the base path under which FusionPro will create the composition-specific temp folder with the "TempFolderBase" setting.


If you're running Producer, you can change the TEMP environment variable for the user account under which the jobs are set to run.

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Currently Fusionpro Server is installed on D: drive, but the temporary files are running on the C drive. I'm looking at changing the base path, can you elaborate on how to do that?

Well, I assume you don't want the files on the root of "D:". I would create a base folder for your temp files, something like "D:\FusionProTemp", and then add this line to your CFG file:


And FusionPro will create a new temp subfolder under that folder for each composition.

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Instead of changing for each individual process that has their .CFG, Can I change the default path for the Server temp location?

You mean like with a Registry setting or something? No. It's a CFG setting.


Our expectation is that an application utilizing FusionPro VDP Server will either want to control the temp file path on a per-job (composition) basis, via the "TempFolder" CFG file setting, or point the base path to a folder, via the "TempFolderBase" CFG setting, under which each job will make its own subfolder for its temp files, and delete that folder when it finishes.


In either case, we expect that the CFG file will be modified in a programmatic way by the application using FP Server, so really it would just be a setting in your own app. Our own FusionPro VDP Producer API system does this.


In other words, I wouldn't expect you to be manually modifying each CFG file. Rather, I would expect that whatever automated process you have that invokes the FusionPro Server composition would automatically add a line to each CFG file as needed.


All that said, however, if you really don't want to be modifying CFG files, you can always change the TEMP environment variable, either on a per-process basis, or system-wide on your machine, or for the account under which you'll be running your jobs

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added note about TEMP environment variable
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