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Sequence numbering


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I looked around and could not find an easy fix to this. I have tickets that I have to number consecutively, except it has to be every 100 records.

For example,

I start with 4000, 100 times

then 4001, 100 times,

then 4002, 100 times etc.


I have to do this all the way to 110,000 records.


I am currently using a list with the other aspects of the template that have numbers.


Is there a rule I can apply for this?

Thank you,

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Anyone out there that can help me with this problem. I am resorting to typing in the sequence manually because I can't get any code to work. I am a beginner and I don't even know how to apply the Call back rules. I really need someone to break it down. I have seen other code that might be close but I just don't know how to apply it correctly.

Thanks :-(

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