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Help with Tab Leader

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I am creating a list with Title on the left and price on the right, with ..... in between. My text frame is 3" wide.


My variables in the frame are like so:

«Service 1 Title» «Service 1 Price»


I created a tab position every 2.75, aligned right, . leader


My issue is that sometimes the title and the price butt up to each other with no ... between. See attached image where it shows:


Bathing/Shower Assistance$15/Day


I want it to kick Assistance down to the next line and appear as so:





Any advice to accomplish this?





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Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that but it doesn't work in all instances. I updated my rule to add 10 dots after the tab stop, and that worked well sometimes but if the length of the text was longer or shorter then it caused re-flow issues. So I changed it to just 4 dots and again it worked with some lengths of text but not others. Since the title is a variable text field where the user can input up to 70 characters I really need a solution that works no matter what they enter....


The only work-around I have come up with so far is that the user has to type dots at the end of their title if they see that it doesn't look right on the proof. Not a very good solution. :(


I have attached my template if you don't mind taking a look, I would really appreciate it.





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