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Multi line records


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I have a project and need to use the FusionPro.GetMultiLineRecords command.

But I am not sure of the exact logic. I am putting a name, address, zip, etc..

in a 12 up label. The reason I am doing this is to have different size gutters. Fusion imposer will not do different sized gutters.


But what I need is, all 12 labels on one page. Same format over and over but need the next record in the next address on the same page. But in a different position. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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I don't think this is a good use case for multi-line records. I think it's just a regular 12-up imposed job. But it's hard to visualize what you're trying to do. Can you post a mock-up of the data and what you want the corresponding output to look like?


Also, can you please explain what you mean by "different sized gutters?" Are the labels not all the same size? Because all pages have to be the same size in imposed output. Maybe you can just set the contents of the page to be in a frame that's set to center alignment, both horizontally and vertically?

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