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So have a client on the hook, around 50,000 postcards a month-- double sided variable text. Simple stuff happy birthday, QR code, coupon exp date, etc.


Each grouping will be 400-2500 records to one LAYOUT.


is there a way i can set each job as a call back, and run them STACKED.


So we mark the data to the key code - so

Version1 matches to data1 and so on (Variable placement will be different from Version 1 to Version X but the fields will all be the same data file).

Looking to call the layouts (both static and variable based on the KEYCODE in the data file - thus getting me the best postage rates as well as making this easy to produce)


f i can automate this over running 85 smaller jobs. Easier to keep track of 1 output file, then 85 output files.

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