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How can I make this calendar work for additional years (2019, 2020, 2021...etc)? NOt sure if i need additional coding or it's something I can do on Marcom side. Right now if user was to pick Month 'January' and Year '2019' from the dropdown list it pulls January 2018 image/resource and days of the week don't match up so the information they are typing in is not populating in the correct day of the week. Month and Year fields are set up as text drop down library. I attached the files for reference. Any help is appreciated.


Thank you,


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First of all, instead of making dozens of frames, this kind of job works much better with a table. See the installed Frodo Travel tutorial for a very simple example of a calendar table. Other examples can be found by searching for "calendar" here on the forum, such as:



Beyond that, it's not clear to me what you're asking. I can't verify whether any of your resources are being pulled in properly because I don't have them, and they're not collected up with the job you posted. It's also not obvious what the requirements are. If you can post a specific example, with the resources, and a detailed explanation of what you expect to see in the output and how specifically it's different than what you are seeing, then I, or someone else, can analyze that. But there's not enough to go on with what you have posted so far.

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