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Font issue

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I keep getting this error:


"FusionPro template uses fonts which are not loaded on this Machine.

Do you want to review and/or replace the missing fonts now?

(If you click "No", you will be prompted again when editing any Text Frame or Formatted Text Resources with Missing fonts.)"


The font is definitely installed on my mac, because I created the file in InDesign and I am not missing the font.


I get this error when I export the pdf and use FusionPro in the PDF. I tried installing the fonts through FusionPro under Server - Load all Fonts and I'm still receiving the same error.


Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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I'm not sure what anyone can suggest without at least knowing the name of the font in question. If you click Yes in that pop-up, it will show you which fonts are missing. It's possible that FusionPro refers to the font by a different name than the name that other apps use. You can look at the fonts.ini file to see if the font is there with a different name; it's generally under "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro" on Windows or "/Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro/Fonts" on Mac.
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Did You go to Fusion Pro (program active) Server / Load all Fonts... ?

And then restarting FusionPro and Acrobat Professional?

Is that particular font showing up in the font list as You choose a font in the Text-composer field of the variable insertions? And as Dan Korn suggested - it could be a slightly different name as the one InDesign shows You.

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I've had this happen many times to me too.


A simple test is to load the fonts through FontBook, and not using InDesign's feature of putting them in a folder called "Document fonts" at the same level as your document. And then make sure your fonts folder is NOT called "Document fonts".


Now open your InDesign, do you get a font error there now?


Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Either way, you may just have to relink the way FusionPro sees the name font, as opposed to the way InDesign sees the name of the font. Eventhough they very may well be the same.


Good luck.

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