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Suppress if Containing Empty Variables

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I've spent all together too much time on something that should be so easy! I know it's something simple that I'm missing so I'm hoping someone might be willing to take a look at my files.


I'm setting up a simple Business Card in Fusion Pro to be used on DSF. The phone number section will look like this:


Office: «Change phone format Rule - Office»

Mobile: «Change phone format Rule - Mobile»

Direct: «Change phone format Rule - Direct»



I have it set to suppress if there are empty variables, however it suppresses the entire box if any of the phone variables aren't present. If the email isn't present, it's fine. Any ideas?

Maschio Pack.zip

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It's because you are using "soft" returns (<br> tags) instead of "hard" paragraph breaks (<p> tags) in the Text Editor. This happens if you hit Shift+Return or Shift+Enter at the end of the line instead of just Return or Enter without the Shift key. Because of the soft returns, all of the text in the frame is a single paragraph, so it all gets suppressed when

any variable is missing.


(It's admittedly hard to tell the difference between a soft and a hard return just by looking in the Text Editor. One way to know for sure what markup tags are generated by the Text Editor is to copy-and-paste the text into a Formatted Text Resource and click the View Source button.)


I deleted the existing soft returns and replaced them with hard returns (by going to the end of each line and hitting Delete then Enter). With the correct paragraph breaks, it works correctly. Updated template attached.

Maschio Pack-Dan.pdf

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