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Paragraph Placement Tag


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I came across this post about going from multiple columns to a single-column. http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?p=3469#poststop


You can set up a frame with multiple columns and use the <p paragraphplacement="straddleall"> tag to switch to single-column mode. This is useful for a headline-type effect.


What is the tag to go back to multiple columns? Every paragraph after the straddleall continues to straddle the columns. I would like a header to straddle the columns and then the following paragraphs to be in columns.


I know I can do this with two linked frames, but wanted to see if I could simplify the layout.

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The next paragraph will automatically go back to multi-column mode. So technically, the answer to your question is the <p> tag.


But normally you don't need to manually specify a new paragraph. The typical use case is that, in the Text Editor, you call out a rule that returns the <p paragraphplacement="straddleall"> tag, followed directly by the headline or whatever it is that straddles, then the multi-column text in a new paragraph, which automatically goes back to multi-column.


You say that, "Every paragraph after the straddleall continues to straddle the columns." That's not the case in a test I just did. Maybe you're using "soft" returns (<br> tags) instead of "hard" paragraph breaks (<p> tags)? Feel free to post your job.

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