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Color changes from Acrobat to FusionPro


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I have several PDF pages acting as backgrounds and when I print these from Acrobat they look correct. When I print them as part of a FusionPro template to Postscript on the same printer the color is much darker and off.

How do I get them to match?

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You're not giving me (or anyone else) much to go on. It might depend on the FusionPro composition settings, such as the "Use RGB Color Space" setting on the Output tab. The particular settings you are using when printing directly from Acrobat would affect that printing as well.


If you posted any of the files in question, that would make analysis much easier.

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Here is an example attached of a PDF page that is used as a background image. When I simply open it and print to the Color Printer it looks just like it does on screen...text is thin and sharp and the colors are mostly gray, black and red. When I make it a background in FP and merge data and print to the same printer thru postscript, the text is thick and dark and the graphics are darker and have more magenta(blue) in them???


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Dan, any chance you can take a look at the sample PDF I uploaded???

Please refer to my signature. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Support.


That said, yes, I did look at your PDF. But that's still not a lot to go on. Like I said, it might depend on the FusionPro composition settings, but you didn't post your FusionPro template with the composition settings. I also don't have your printer. There are a lot of variables.


Have you tried composing to PDF and printing that? Most printers should be able to do that . If you can't print PDF on your printer, you might consider manually converting the PDF to PostScript or EPS (via File -> Save As in Acrobat) first, then using the PostScript file in your PostScript job.

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