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Making Document fail


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Is there a way to make a variable document fail (stop) if a rule is not met rather than it just skipping it and going to the next record.


To be a little more specific I used a switch rule with many Protocol numbers. However, in the .csv file one number was not included in the list. Currently it just leaves out that information for the record and goes to the next. Is there a way to have it stop.


Thanks for any help.

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In FusionPro 9.2 and later, you can just call this:


You can optionally provide a custom error message:

FusionPro.Composition.Abort("Custom error message");

You can also control whether the entire composition is aborted, or just the record:

FusionPro.Composition.Abort("Custom error message", true); // true to abort record only

You can also cause FusionPro.exe to return a custom error code:

FusionPro.Composition.Abort("Custom error message", false, -10); // return custom error code -10 from FusionPro.exe (FP Server)


In older versions of FusionPro (before 9.2), this is harder to do, but you can set the Abort options on the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings dialog. I would try with the error type set to Medium and the "how to abort" set to "Stop composition." Assuming your job composes fine with these settings otherwise, you can trigger a "medium" severity error condition by putting too much text into a frame, say with a rule doing something like this:

return new Array(1000).join("too much text ");

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